Forain - Animal Planet текст песни

I scream with thousand voices
Burying my pride
It's my call becomes a whisper
Lift your hands and pray tonight.
I will refuse,
I will repent,
I will refuse,
I will stay.

I knocked off my feets
I'll vomit illusions, my body is weak
Until you inhale the air
You sucked the life out of me
Now you stand in line...
I call the brave to climb...

I've felt darkness closing in on me
I'll be the one to pull your head

And we spray the scene in black
Consequence we'll take to the grave
I can't wait for more
Come on, step up! Who is won?
We begin our revolution!
Don't look back, stay so higher!

This waiting so frustrating
So many innocent
My hands are shaking again
I want to play, I want to blame
Of God, this world is so corrupted!!!

Fuck! Take it! Take it! Take it back!
Everything we have, take it! Take it! Take it back!
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