Reckless Love - Animal Attraction текст песни

On the beach in the sunshine weather,
In dark of a movie theater,
Anytime, anywhere. Baby I don’t care.

In the back of a taxi baby,
By the side of the road while waitin’.
On the boat, on the train, on the airplane

The world is a jungle,
So forget the rules.

Everybody’s got an animal inside.
No one has ever been so civilized.
Animal attraction is everything there is.
Love is just a feelin’ that we missed.

In the bar, on the DJ table,
The dancefloor and the elevator,
On the stairs, in the hall, in the corridor.

On the stove, on the kitchen counter,
In the pool, baby, in the shower,
On the bed, on the floor, up against the wall.

We’re still in a jungle,
So forget the rules.

(Chorus until the end…)
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  • Reckless Love - Animal Attraction
  • Reckless Love - Animal Attraction(Glam metal)
  • Reckless Love - Animal Attraction